Architectural Control (ACC)


The ACC is a committee formed with the primary responsibility of preserving the original architectural harmony and aesthetic qualities of the buildings and grounds of New Lakepointe.  The committee is responsible for developing and enforcing the architectural control guidelines.

Homeowners are to submit their ACC-Change Request Form (or re-inspection requests) directly to GHA Community Management for processing.  GHA Community Management will track all submissions and forward to the ACC for review and approval/disapproval. The ACC reviews all change request forms via email as they are received. Homeowners can expect a response generally two weeks from time of submission.  For a trouble-free review of their applications, homeowners are strongly encouraged to include all requested information on the form and include all required color/material samples at the time of submission.


ACC Guidelines

The ACC Guidelines:  This document is dated 17 May 2005 and supersedes all previous versions. It is a guide book for homeowners who are considering exterior modifications and repairs.


Making Changes to Your House?  Know When to Use the ACC Change Request Form?

Common examples of exterior changes where the form must be used are painting, roofing, siding, window or door replacement, fences, et al.  Submission of the completed form is required 30 days BEFORE any outside construction or changes begin.  The 30 day period is to allow for processing of the form:  receipt by GHA, an ACC review, any clarification, and for dispensation of a letter of response (approval/disapproval) by GHA.  Advanced planning of ACC form submission and exterior work is strongly recommended.  Reminder:  Forms are to be sent directly to GHA Community Management. (Please do not drop off forms to ACC member residences)


Approve New Lakepointe Paint Colors

Click here to access the list of New Lakepointe approved paint colors (last updated August 2001)

Approve New Lakepointe Roof Shingles

At the May 2018 Lakepointe THOA meeting the Board approved to allow Architectural style shingles in addition to the traditional 3 tab shingles we currently have on Lakepointe THOA homes. (Last updated June 2018)

Architectural style Shingle colors approved were-

New Lakepointe ACC Committee Members

  • Robin Moore- contact information tbd
  • Carmen Sullivan – contact information tbd
  • Kevin Donlea – 9857 Highwater Court – 703-764-0192

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