About Our New Lakepointe Community Services

Landscaping Services

Our Landscaping Company is Blade Runners.


Trash and Recycling

Con-Serv Industries (CSI) – 703-444-3181

Large items – CSI will pick up on Tuesdays.  Click here for chart of items eligible for recycling.

CSI webpages: Residential ServicesRecycling Services


Pet Sitting

Planning to go out of town for spring break? Rachel and Robyn Ross are a great help to many of our families who own pets. Rachel and Robyn like to take dogs for a walk, feed fish and take care of cats. If you need to be away from home and are looking for a reliable pet sitter, please call Cathy or Craig Ross at 703-764-5374.


Art lessons

One of our Lakepointe residents, Marcie Concepcione, is an artist who teaches various art lessons for children grade 2-8 out of her townhouse.  Marcie’s own artworks are displayed in several collections.  She has over 16 years of teaching experience and earned her BS and MS in Art Education.  You can see her artwork at www.artistart.com.

For more information about upcoming classes and fees, contact Marcie at 703-338-3288 0r at Marcie@Artistart.com.


SAT Preparation and Academic Tutoring

Katy Kownacki, a FCPS teacher, provides tutoring services in your home or hers.  She works with students in all subjects and at all grade levels, whether working to improve study skills and organization, assisting with homework, completing essays or projects, or reviewing for tests ad quizzes.

every student she has worked with has improved his/her score by hundreds of points, orten with 100+ improvements on individual sections!

Please email Mrs. Kownacki at katy@bestpreptutoring.com for more information.  Excellent references available.

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